The Society of Women Engineers is the largest non-profit educational and service organization representing both student and professional women in engineering and technical fields. Founded in 1950, it was designed to serve as a center of information on women in engineering and to encourage women engineers to attain high levels of education and professional achievement. SWE represents over 19,000 members in 90 professional sections and 300 student sections- one of which is here at RPI.

At Rensselaer
Chartered in 1975, RPI SWE currently consists of many members. We hold activities on and off-campus that include: monthly general meetings, visits by corporate speakers, workshops on professional topics, attending societal and regional conferences, interacting with local Girl Scout troops and schools to encourage interest in science and engineering, and hosting fun social events.

In addition, SWE is a unique opportunity to meet other women on campus with similar interests as your own, give and receive support, and create a network of friends. However, you need not be an engineer or even a female to join! We have many events and opportunities which can benefit any major or gender at RPI, including corporate guests and interview/resume training.

To see the complete list of officer responsibilities check out our bylaws here or the E-Board section of our website here!

On Campus Associates
RPI SWE would like to acknowledge and support the efforts of other groups on campus with whom we share a common goal: advancement of women students on the Rensselaer campus.

The RPI School of Engineering's Women's Mentor Program provides community among women students at Rensselaer, matching first year female students with female peer mentors. More information about the Women's Mentor Program can be found here

We would also like to acknowledge the RPI Panhellenic Council, which serves as the governing body for both National Panhellenic Sororities and Associate members. More information can be found here.

The The RPI Chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery’s Committee on Women in Computing (ACM-W) strives to recruit, engage, and rejoice in the accomplishments of female computer scientists within the institute. Find their website here