E-Board Positions

Executive Board elections are held during the Spring semester, typically around March. You are allowed to run for more than one position. If you win more than one position, you are allowed to accept more than one (or you can pick and choose which you'd like to accept). However this is only provided there is a minimum of three elected officers of the section. No one may hold the office of president and treasurer at the same time. Officer positions may be held by only one member at a time; no officer position may be held by co-officers (with the exception of Co-Engineering Event Directors). Keep reading to find eligibility requirements and officer responsibilities.

  • In order to run for an office, you must…
    • Be a Societal SWE Member ***
    • Be an active member ***
    • Be nominated by someone (you may nominate yourself)
    • Be enrolled for the semester following elections (Fall)
    • Available to serve for one full academic year
    • Have your nomination application approved by the nominating committee

***Apply to be a Societal SWE Member at swe.org. Not sure if you’re an active member? Ask our Membership Director (kristk@rpi.edu). 



  • Represent the section before the public and preside at meetings of the section and its executive council
  • Coordinate activities and execute the business and policies of the section between meetings
  • Coordinate the submittal of quarterly reports to the region representative

Advocacy Director

  • Responsible for providing RPI SWE general body with opportunities for changing the professional climate to enable women in engineering and technology to excel
  • Responsible for promoting programs which bridge the gaps in recruitment, professional development, and retention of women in engineering
  • Responsible for presenting general Knowledge Source information or tip during Monthly General Body Meetings

Alumni Relations Director

  • Mutual Support: Provide an organization that fosters mentoring and the development of professional and personal networking
  • Maintain alumni database and be responsible for communication with alumni and local professional sections
  • Host a minimum of two professional networking events pertaining to the local professional section as well as the RPI alumni

Vice President

  • Assume the duties of the president if the president is temporarily unable to serve
  • Oversee scheduling of all section events
  • Coordinate section attendance to region conference

Corporate Relations Director

  • Maintaining a good relationship with our corporate sponsors and our corporate contacts
  • Organizing events at RPI funded by corporate sponsors that are meaninful to our membership

Membership Director

  • Responsible for the membership recruitment and retention activities for the section
  • Facilitate the transition of collegiate membership to professional membership
  • Maintain records of active and societal membership status


  • Oversee collection, distribution, and safekeeping of section funds
  • Prepare, maintain, and report the section's approved budget
  • Prepare and file taxes on behalf of the section.

Outreach Director

  • Host Girl Scout Engineering Day in the Fall
  • Host Mythbusters Day each semester
  • Form relationships with local schools and organizations to facilitate STEM programming
  • Responsible for chairing the outreach committee used to assist in planning and executing outreach events

Activities Chair

  • Coordinate social networking events for RPI SWE members
  • Coordinate social networking events for executive council members
  • Facilitate joint social events on campus
  • Provide members with fun and innovative activities at social events


  • Maintain records of the section
  • Maintain goals of the section and ensure that they are being pursued

Communications Director

  • Be responsible for university advertisement of section activities (via email, Facebook, etc)
  • Maintain electronic communications media, including the website
  • Be responsible for correspondence with members of the section
  • Represent and promote the section at university events
  • Maintain media (including photos and videos) of the section

Co-Engineering Event Directors (2)*

  • Organize and coordinate Exploring Engineering Day
  • Communicate with student organizations
  • Reach out to volunteers for EED
  • Maintain good time management and organization
  • Be enthusiastic!
  • Attend short weekly meetings with Barbara Ruel and other Co-Engineering Event Director


*there is an additional interview for all Co-Engineering Event Director Candidates; two will be elected.

** All officers are required to attend mandatory E-Board Meetings, held every Sunday in the Student Union. **

If you're a current freshman interested in joining RPI SWE’s executive board you can apply to be a Freshman Representative. These elections are held in the Fall semester (usually mid-late September).  
Freshman Representative Responsibilities:

  • Communicate directly with the freshman class and represent their needs on the Executive Board
  • Establish a Freshman Committee and set up meetings
  • Plan A Day in the Life Series, Freshman Socials, and other events
  • Perform duties assigned by the executive board or president

In order to run for this position you must...

  • Be a Societal SWE Member ***
  • Be a Freshman enrolled at RPI as a full-time student
  • Be nominated by someone (you may nominate yourself)
  • Have your nomination application approved by the nominating committee

***Apply to be a Societal SWE Member at swe.org. Not sure if you’re an active member? Ask our Membership Director (kristk@rpi.edu).. 

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